Shade Electric is a new type of direct-to-consumer energy company. We’re pursuing excellence in these 4 principles:

Plug & play simplicity 

Shade Electric products are off-grid and plug-and-play. They can be installed by homeowners with no electrician or contractor. Installing backup or primary electrical power for your van, cabin, and home should be no more difficult than plugging in a refrigerator.

Superior aesthetic 

Shade Electric places a premium on industrial design. Home energy generators should not be an eyesore. Like furniture, they should integrate pleasingly with any decor without imposing. Consumers of stylish electronics brands such Apple, Native Union, and Tesla should also have a trusted brand for home and apartment backup power.

The right to opt out of the grid

Consumers today face a monopoly with their electric grid. There is no practical alternative to plugging into electric grids that unceasingly depend on fossil fuels. Homeowners can now install solar panels with accessible financing, but that option is not available to the vast majority of young people who are apartment dwellers. Shade Electric enables renters and homeowners to take their most essential appliances off the fossil fuel grid.

Backup power for a destabilized world

As the US electric grid continues to decay, climate-induced natural disasters intensify, and solar-battery prices decrease, backup power for homes and businesses will become ubiquitous. This is already apparent with sold out gas and battery generators in California and Texas, states that have been rocked by wildfires and unprecedented weather.

As US cities warm and power outages increase, it’s foolish to counter these hardships with air conditioners, HVACs, and backup power supplies that are run on fossil fuels. Shade Electric is starting with solar-powered electricity backup that can take individual rooms and entire small homes off the US electric grid. Soon, we’ll reveal our designs for off-grid solar-powered AC’s and HVACs as well.

Using terminology from this 2018 Vox article, Shade Electric aims to be the premier supplier of the world’s "nanogrids" and "picogrids."

If you’re interested in joining or investing in our mission, please write us at shade.electric@protonmail.com.